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Dust Filter Bags & Extraction Units


Filter Pure Mesh
manufactures a complete range of Dust Filter Bags from high quality Needlefelt. Our Filter Bags can be manufactured from specially treated material which can include Oil and Hydrophobic resistant. Furthermore, they can also be supplied having anti-static properties. Our Bags range from standard Buhler size, Tubular as well as Envelope type. Whether your Dust Collectors are low pressure or high pressure, Filter Pure Mesh has the solution for you. The weight of our Needlefelt ranges from 280g/m2 to 550g/m2.



Filter Pure Mesh Reverse-Pulse Bag Filter Dust Collector series is of a robust and efficient range of Dust Collectors. These units are ideally suited to continuous operation since the Filters are continuously cleaned while in operation.

Operating Principle
Polluted air enters through the side panels (beneath the Filters) or the Hopper and is directed upwards through the array of Cylindrical Bag Filters. The larger dust particles drop out into the Hopper, while the lighter and finer particles continuing to the array of Filters. The cleaned air then enters the clean-air chamber, where an array of Blow-Tubes are positioned. The Tubes blast compressed air into the filters to help release the dust. The cleaned air is then discharged to atmosphere or through discharge ductwork.

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